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Our Silk

The silk used for our products is made right here in the UK, so we know exactly who, how and where our silk has come from.

The silk comes from a silk farm in the heart of London that practices the ethical production of silk, known as ‘Peace’ silk.

This ethical production process allows completion of the metamorphosis process from silk-worm to moth, protecting the silk-worms from unnecessary suffering and death, which often occurs in the production of non-peace silk, where violent silk breeding and harvesting takes place. The production of silk used for our products is manufactured under the most stringent social and environmental standards.

Learn more about our silk process below. ⁣

Stage 1

The silk-worms start their life in an incubator, they then need 10 days at a constant temperature before they hatch. The eggs are the size of a pin-top.⁣⁣

Stage 2

Once the eggs hatch, the silk-worms immediately start to feed on fresh organic Mulberry leaves, which are picked fresh everyday from Mulberry trees. The silk-worms will die if they are not fed freshly picked leaves daily.⁣⁣

Please note, we do not feed our silk-worms any artificial ingredients, supplements or hormones, which is standard practice in the production of non-ethical silk.

Stage 3

The silk-worms are fully grown by the 28th day. On the 29th day they start to spin a cocoon around themselves, made up of saliva packed with nutrients from digested Mulberry leaves.

While in their cocoons, the silkworms feed for 14 days, consuming half the silk from their cocoons.⁣

This is the difference between our silk production process and most others – often the silk-worms are boiled alive, to stop them from consuming their own silk.

Stage 4

The (Bombyx-Mori) moth leaves the cocoon, in hope of finding a mate. Females have a beautiful feather headdress and the male has antennas. If successful, they will mate for 4 days constantly.⁣


Only at this stage do we take the cocoons and unravel the silk fibres, ready to be spun and weaved into beautiful silk material, which is then used to produce our beautiful silk products.

Stage 5

Mating leads to the end of the moth’s life cycle. The moth lays its eggs and dies.

The cycle starts again.

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