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Our Story

Melissa Coupe Luxury is a business born out of the global pandemic. When COVID-19 hit back in March 2020 and the first national lockdown was declared, unfortunately the clinic had to close its doors due to the restrictions imposed by the government.

After only being open for a few months, it was devastating news for Melissa and her team, not knowing when the clinic would be able to re-open its doors again.

Lock-down created a surge in demand for at-home beauty products and accessories. It was while researching products that could be beneficial for her clients, Melissa realised silk pillowcases and face masks were a “must-have” beauty accessory for the ultimate beauty lovers.

However, Melissa couldn’t find any suppliers who offered high quality, yet ethically sourced, silk products. So, Melissa made it her mission to make the world’s most luxurious and ethical silk pillowcases and face masks, right here in London.

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