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40 Momme Organic Silk Pillowcase
  • Our luxurious silk pillowcases are handmade with the utmost care, right here in London.


    Our 40 momme silk pillowcases are organic, ethically sourced, hypoallergenic and breathable, made from the highest quality Mulberry silk, for a beautifully smooth feel.


    Silk is also naturally non-absorbent, so it helps to maintain skin moisture levels overnight, to help minimise wrinkles and static hair.


    Personalise your pillowcase


    We offer free initial monogramming (up to three initials), with every pillowcase. Personalise a pillowcase for yourself, a set of pillowcases as a wedding gift, or as a beautiful gift for a friend.


    Please note: We do not dye or bleach our silk products, the silk is completely untouched and its colour is a result of the natural silk process. For this reason, products may vary in colour slightly from product to product, as a result of our organic silk process.

    40 Momme Organic Silk Pillowcase

    SKU: 001
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